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Our Terms & Conditions of Use

We recommend to our clients to reserve a car ahead of time (at no additional charge) to be guaranteed a car at time of pick up. New Millenium Limo will honor any reservation made online no less than 12 hours before the pick-up time. We can also provide you with a car at a short notice by phone upon availability. All reservations confirmed via email are guaranteed pick-up, However we can not guarantee you availability when you call with a short time notice.

No Shows:
If you do not see your driver at a certain pick up point do not leave the spot before calling the dispatch room (must call # on your confirmation) We will connect you together. If you leave without calling you will be billed for the full price of the ride. If we do not hear from you, the driver will wait up to 15 minutes at regular pickups and up to 30 (or 60) minutes at inside airport pickups after the scheduled pickup time then call the dispatch room, we will then try to reach you by calling you at your cell phone, your home phone, or your contact person's phone all depending on the nature of the pickup, we will even call your name on the airport intercom paging system incase of an airport pick up. If we do not get a response we will then release the car and you will be billed for a No Show which will be the Full Price of the ride. If you authorize the waiting time the driver will wait up to 2 hours. If we do not hear from you after the time frame, we will contact you again if no contact is made you will get billed for the ride plus the waiting time. Therefore A "No Show" fee is equal to the trip cost plus applicable wait time fee will be charged when the passenger fails to arrive at the designated location. If you cannot locate your Driver, Please call # on your confirmation to avoid a "No Show" fee.

For Sedans:
New Millenium Limo gives you to cancel via email up to 24 hours before the scheduled pick up time or 2 hours by phone (must call # on your confirmation) to cancel the Sedan Reservation without any charges. If you cancel the car 2 hours or les before your schedule pick-up time you will be charged for the full price of the ride. We ask you inform us of any changes in your schedule in advance so we can avoid unnecessary aggravations. For Stretch Limousines, Vans and SUV:
New Millenium Limo gives you to cancel via email up to 24 hours before the scheduled pick up time or 5 hours by phone (must call # on your confirmation) to cancel the Limousine Reservation without any charges. After the 24 hour grace period and up to 4 hours before the scheduled pickup time you will be charged 50% of the price of the ride, The Vehicle Hourly Minimum (Most Cases 3 Hours) . If you cancel the car after the 4 hour grace period or cancel on-location you will be charged for the full price of the ride. This rule Does not apply to Proms And Weddings accommodations Where in witch case You Will Lose Your Initial Deposit If you Cancel At Any Time. When you place a reservation you prevent us from accommodating other individuals that are in need for the same service you requested, Specially in The prom, wedding and busy holidays season.

*Please note that changing the pickup time is not considered as a cancellation please be aware that you can change your pickup time anytime you want without being charged any fees and the charge of the ride remains the same up to 1 Hour before the pick up time for Sedan Reservations and up to 4 Hours before the pick up time for Limousine Reservations . After which will be charged for the applicable waiting time. You only get charged a Cancellation Fee when you cancel the car after the grace period.

Damages Resulting From Your Act:
New Millenium Limo will charge you (as a client ) or (as a passenger) the cost of cleaning the vehicle as result of you or your authorized party Getting Sick in the Car . You also agree and acknowledge to pay all the related fees and charges to get the vehicle back to its normal working condition. You could always avoid this fee by asking the driver to pull over safely on the side or in any service area so you can refresh yourself . You also agree to pay for all and any damages TO OUR VEHICLES ARISING OUT OF, OR IN ANY WAY CONNECTED WITH YOU OR YOUR AUTHORIZED PARTY. REGARDLESS OF WHETHER SUCH DAMAGES ARE BASED ON CONTRACT, STRICT LIABILITY, TORT OR OTHER THEORIES OF LIABILITY, AND ALSO REGARDLESS OF WHETHER New Millenium Limo WAS GIVEN ACTUAL OR CONSTRUCTIVE NOTICE THAT DAMAGES WERE POSSIBLE. Including but not limited to burned seats, any technical or mechanical failure to the equipment inside the vehicle, missing items, or any body damages to the outside of the vehicle during your or your authorized party accommodations.

Account Restriction:
Incase of an unrestricted account, all individuals calling New Millenium Limo to request service on an account number will be provided service even though they might not have a voucher when they get in the car. You understand that this provides little or no security on the account and agree to pay all charges posted to the account until you notify us of who you wish to restrict from using your account in writing. You can always set up a restricted account that will grant service to only a voucher holder. You agree to pay for all charges posted to the account by the authorized voucher holder and acknowledge that you must inform us of any lost, missing or stolen vouchers so we can put a hold on it. You agree to keep those vouchers in a secured and safe place as it might be used in an unauthorized manner.

Credit Card Transactions:
We only take an authorization on the card to guarantee funds availability, it will show as (Pending funds) if you check your credit card account statement on-line. The authorization amount is usually higher than the expected charges just incase if you decided to make some additional stops you did not inform us of or changed your destination .We will then only charge your card on the day of the ride after swiping the card in the vehicle and giving you a total of your charges. We request your credit card information when you choose to pay cash as payment option . So we can charge your card if you did not show up or canceled after the mentioned cancellation grace period. Passengers are obligated to ask the driver for a receipt before leaving the car.

All charges applied to the customer's credit card will be considered correct. unless we receive a written objection within 30 days from the charge date in writing. Copies of the credit card statement or credit card slips or vouchers should be faxed or mailed to us and the disputed charges or items should be indicated. All disputes initiated after the allowed time frame period will be considered final and none refundable.

Collection Fees:
You agree to pay all legal counseling fees, litigation fees, legal fees, costs, accounting fees, expenses and disbursements for all actions taken prior to, during and subsequent to the initiation of legal proceedings to collect payments due incase of non-payment

Rates Changes:
New Millenium Limo can change the rates and any of the services, charges, costs, fees and expenses at any time without prior notice.

Wait Time:
A 25 minutes for domestic (45 minutes International) grace period is allowed following the reported flight arrival time for Inside Pickups only when Meet & Greet Service is requested. A ten 10 minute grace period is granted for all other pick-ups. Waiting time will be charged at 10 minute increments after the grace period for sedans. New Millenium Limo monitors all domestic and international flights, billing starts after grace period allowed from the official time of arrival (ETA). For train station pick-ups, train schedules can't be monitored. Therefore, billing begins at the scheduled pick-up time.

New Millenium Limo charges extra for stops made during your trip. Some restrictions and special cases may apply. Courtesy stops, such as briefly leaving the vehicle to pick up coffee, a newspaper or to mail a letter, do not incur extra charges. However, if longer stops or multiple stops are made you will be billed stop charges. Picking up additional passengers will also incur stop charges.

All round trip tolls are billed to the customer depending on the route chosen. New Millenium Limo will charge for all round trip tolls to and from the designated destination. Tolls charges are reimbursed to the driver. New Millenium Limo collect the tolls only, We don't charge them.

Meet & Greet:
New Millenium Limo Meet and Greet Airport Service is offered at no charge. However parking and waiting time charges (if incurred) will be billed to your account or credit card. The driver will be instructed to meet the passenger by the baggage claim or customs with a sign that has his or her last name on it, the driver will then escort the passenger to the designated car location (Assisting with the luggage). This package comes with a complimentary 25 minutes free for domestic flights and 45 minutes free for international flights from the adjusted arrival time.

All parking fees and other airport regulatory fees are additional. We collect those fees and reimburse the driver. We do not charge them.

New Millenium Limo does not apply any MANDATORY GRATUITIES nor any HIDDEN FEES to it's clients however a tip can be given separately to the driver upon the customer's discretion and content. Tips can be given to the driver in cash or added to the invoice upon the customer's discretion and satisfaction.

FEES: New Millenium Limo will charge the standard 20% non-negotiable service fee on the total bill for ALL non-corporate clients .This fee includes state and federal taxes as well as credit card deductions and other miscellaneous fees.

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